School holidays are around the corner, and it’s nice to cuddle up in front of the fire with a good book on those cold winter days. Oh, hey, wait, kids still need to keep active. If the weather doesn’t permit a winter wander through the park, these are some cold weather craft ideas that might help everyone enjoy time together while learning, developing new skills, and perhaps brightening the décor.

Bath Bombs
Get your essential oil, food dye and natural elements such as dried herbs, dried orange peel and dried flowers, you can even put little trinkets in the centre to make bath bombs. These can be made for gifts for family and friends or just enjoyed in a lovely bath at the end of the day. Great activity for kids to learn about science, reactive substances, and math measuring.
There are some great natural recipes, but they will need adult supervision. And remember, Bath bombs don’t always need to be round; you can use any molds in the kitchen.

Painting Pinecones
Collect pinecones whenever you are out walking and save them for later. Pinecones need to be dry before painting. This is so simple to set up; you just need water-based paints, brushes, and pinecones. The kids lead the activity by creating and painting the pinecones how they want. Once pinecones are dry, you can attach a string and hang them in the window.

Painting Nature
Rug up and head outdoors with some paper and watercolours. Let the kids paint nature how they see it through their eyes and discover all the wonders of nature. You can use our beautiful harvest basket to collect all your goodies.

Indoors Nature Walk
If the chilly weather isn’t to your liking why not bring nature indoors with our beautiful Natures Footsteps and Stacking Leaves. Create your own nature walk with our logs, rocks and season leaves. Don’t fall off the log into the freezing cold river while your collecting stacking leaves.

Frozen Sun Catchers
While outside, collect some natural elements like sticks, leaves or flowers. Have a few small containers filled with water, place the items in the water, and once flat, add a piece of string in a loop hanging out of the water (you’ll use this to hang the sun catcher). Put the items in the freezer; once frozen, take them out, hang them on a tree or clothesline, and watch them defrost in the winter sun. Create different sizes and colours and see what happens.

Glitter Gnomes
Winter gardens can be dark with no summer flowers so why not gather some old gnomes or garden ornaments and add a pop of colour to them.  Spend the afternoon painting, adding glitter, stickers and creating new characters for your winter garden.

Fire side games
At the end of a big day of craft and indoor/outdoor adventure there’s nothing like a game of Who Am I flash cards in front of the fire before a nice long bath with your homemade bath bombs.

There are loads of winter craft ideas to have fun and learn new activities.

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