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MagnaFUN Animals


Creative play and storytelling all rolled into one great set. MagnaFUN Animals is made up of 4 magnetic mats with 24 beautifully illustrated magnetic animal pieces. Featuring the sea, farm, pet shop and jungle, children can creatively make up scenes and explore animals habitats or explore the different environments they can also be found. It is a fantastic toy set for encouraging role-play and storytelling as well as opening up conversations about animals and their belonging in our world.
Learning through play encourages children to learn, develop and grow while having fun!
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  • 28 piece set.
  • Each mat is approximately 25 x 35cm.
  • Suitable for children ages 3 years and over.
create n play 450
Jen (Primary school teacher)
November 8, 2019
H A P P Y architect 🏠 Let me introduce you to an amazing product that we have only very recently been introduced to by @the_freckled_frog 🐸 It’s hard to believe that all of these interlocking pieces fit easily into one box! As a parent I love that they can be pulled straight out of the box, for play to begin immediately, and that the possibilities are endless. With chalk board on one side, the pieces can be put together to be made into a barn, fairy house, coffee shop, shopping centre or school, with ease. Already I’ve seen this toy bring many other toys together.
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alphabet matching pairs
Mrs Roberts
November 6, 2019
Here is an idea you can use in the classroom and one I’ll be using for tutoring and when I go back to the classroom one day! 🧡🌈 Using @the_freckled_frog 🐸 beautiful wooden upper and lower case letters…So cheap but fun & visually appealing with that pop of colour!
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